Chase is speaking so much more now..

May 16, 2012

Just a few months back I was so worried that he is not going to speak to me in Mandarin at all. All worries are redundant! Once we are back in Singapore with his gong gong and po po, he just switched to and fro English and Mandarin like magic!

Some stuff which left a deep impression on us like:

Gong gong giving Chase a body massage

Chase: Hao shu fu! (So comfortable)


Last night, there was lighting and thunder. Chase woke up from the lighting.

Chase: Ma ma, go to bed. turn off the light (all in Mandarin)

Even in his groggy state, he speak to me in Mandarin..wowowow




A trip to Ang Mo Kio

September 30, 2011

29 Sept 2011 – Chase asked me “You have fun today?”

At first, I thought I got it wrong..he repeated thrice and Im so surprised to hear him said that cos its such a mature thing to say.

I guess its cos usually I will ask him if he has fun at the end of the day when we went to the zoo or something.

Then I collected myself and asked him back if he has fun with mommy too. It was a short trip to Ang Mo Kio but we ended up spending 4 hours there, swimming first, dinner, shopping and end up buying a scooter for him. 🙂

Going across Bishan Park to AMK swimming pool usually take up almost 45mins (u only need 10 mins) due to numerous activities that attracted Chase. E.g. Babies, Kites, Dogs, Music….

Chase has to dance to the music (in front of Mc Donald) all the time

Chase cant resist petting doggies that cross his path

The terrible? two?

May 31, 2011

I love Chase at 2.5 years old. Yes, I dont think its the terrible two.. here are 10 things I love about Chase at two..

1) Just yesterday I told him we are going to My Gym and as I was picking up a t-shirt for Chase, he said “” and he picked up his My Gym t-shirt cos he wanted to wear that to My Gym. Cool! He is growing up so fast and know what I am talking about.

Chase's fav tee

Chase’s fav tee

2) He said “Ice cream ke ke”..means Eat ice cream will cough..”ke ke” is cough in Chinese, everytime he cough. There was once when he requested for ice cream so I told him before that if he eat ice cream, he is likely to get a cough and if he still want ice cream? He said yes ice cream. So I figured he need to go through the consequences to learn so  we had ice cream, he started to get a cough a few hours later. Then I started brainwashing him every time he cough. I told him ice cream caused the “ke ke”..hence nowadays its “ice cream ke ke” when he got a little cough. 🙂

3) He go pee by cool is that? When I told him its time to go pee, he will go switch on the light, lift up the toilet seat, standing on his tippy toes and pee. He will also flush the toilet..hooray!

4) He has his own meals without help (yes, its messy but totally worth it).

5) After having a regular routine of fruit juice first thing in the morn and smoothie the next thing in the morn. He will request for these. Hehehe..he used to refuse smoothie but now he will ask for “smookti” cool is that!

6) He like to help out at the kitchen. So I will put him on the countertop. I will cut up the vegs and he will put them into the pot. I will also ask him for his opinion e.g. “Chase, do you want corn in your soup?” He will tell me “yes or no”.

7) He love birthday parties..ALOT. He will groove, dance and clap his hands to the birthday u can guess one of his fav songs is “Happy Birthday”. He enjoyed Mymo’s 1st birthday party and anticipated in the games.

Its like Chase's birthday!

See how he dance to the music

8) He carefully piece his words together. “” “mama..wake..up” “go..away” “come..back”..its amazing I did not tell him to say these words but he picked up by listening to us.

9) He demanded I wear the necklace he made.

Necklace loaded with Chase's toys

10) I was previously worried that he doesn’t like to read cos when he is less than 2 years old, he said “no storybook” everytime I ask him. Now, he must read storybooks before tuning into bed. He will even cry if I told him storytelling session is enough after 1/2 hr. Curious George, Richard Scarry’s, 1001 sea creatures/ wizards/ towns to spot..he love them all

His current fav book

So who say its the terrible two? its the Terrify Two!

A little mouse did some serious chewing

March 10, 2011

A little mouse chewed off this toy..


Is this cheese bits?

This is suppose to be a toy rocket, put this over a rod and the air pressure will push the yellow foam up. The little mouse’s record for destroying toys is 1 min, this toy took 3 days to be destroyed..not bad at all. Not that Im proud of the little mouse’s destroying ability, it is a skill after all..hehe..

Chasinsunshine springs back aft 2 months holi!

March 1, 2011

Sneekin a peep at Chase in class


Chase is starting to talk more these couple of months. He will repeat one word out of every sentence i ask him. e.g. “Chase, do you want strawberries?” He said “strawberries”. lol…

We have a conversation today. He do not just repeat the words. He know to reply in Yes or No.

It goes like this
Mama: Chase, today is the 1st day of March. Do you want to go school?
Chase: No
Mama: Chase, you like your teachers?
Chase: teachers (this means yes)
Mama: you like?
Chase: Yes
Mama: Do you like your friends in school?
Chase: Friends (this means Yes)
Mama: You like your friends?
Chase: Yes
Mama: *Attempt to confirm if he like sch* You want to go school?
Chase: NO!

lol lol lol…

My little man really does know what he like and dont like now..he is growing up so fast..*teary*

Anyways we did go to school today. After I told his Teacher Melody about this incident, Teacher Melody ask him as well. “Like Teacher Melody?” “Yes”…”Like School?” Chase frowned..

lol lol.. I decided to extend his trial lessons for another 2 weeks before pulling him out. He does seems to like school, doesnt cry when I left him there and always the last one to leave when I go pick him up.

p/s A couple of days ago, he was searching for his marbles..and he said “Where is it?”

A full 3 words…not repeating after like mama had said it cool

Merry Xmas!

December 11, 2010

Hello all!

There will be no updates here during the holiday season. Chasinsunshine will be taking a break in the winter and see ya all when the sun start to warm the earth again!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Happy birthday, sunshine! 28 Oct 2010

November 17, 2010

Happy birthday my dear sunshine!

This is the 2nd time u are celebrating your birthday.

For your 1st, you have no idea what was going on at your birthday party. But being Dada’s precious baby, Dada decided that we need to have a blast on your birthday and blow away USD600 on the party. Mama also do not allow you to eat any of your birthday cake at all. We hired a clown to entertain the other kids (you are not impressed) and catering food and beer for hungry adults (you are still 100% breastfeed). The birthday party is more for the sake of photography memories. So mama decided to post up some pics of your 1st birthday here.

Goodies for the kids

Except for one or two other babies, Chase is the youngest at his party. These goodies are for the older kids.

Food glorious food

Food prepared by mama

Mama decided that she shalt be hands-on for your birthday and prepared all the sweet snacks. There are egg tarts, brownies, oatmeal cookies, pineapple tarts.. the chick -eggs and flower – carrots (inspired by bento style food, took mama 3 hrs to make). FYI, mama only learnt how to bake these goodies when she arrived in daring is she to serve these to guests! Hehe.. and of cos there is the birthday cake baked by yours truly.

Chase's 1st birthday cake

The “clown”, yes “clown” that has a few smear of makeup on her face and call herself clown entertained the kids with 1) chalk drawing, 2) funny balloons, 3) face painting and 4) box that is too sturdy to break open.

Chalk drawing

Cutie pie Elliot got a hat

Face painting


So kids are encouraged to box-the-box to break it open

Chase with lots of pressies but he love the boxes the best!

P/s: Yes, thats the pretty “clown” in pink, she was late for the party (called her and she was still at home when the party already started, claiming she need to put on “makeup”), forgot the box and her dad has to send it over and went off early. Sheesh.. almost half of the party’s budget went to her and dont ask me to recommend a clown to you, I have threw her number away. Mama think she will even be more hands on next time and entertain the kids herself!!!